Tuesday, July 26, 2011

u know what????

u know what...i think the world is soo fair...
everything that u do will paid u back as what u have done..
welll..do u believe in KARMA???
i dun noe..but i do believe it...
it seems like everything bad that i have done to other people comes back to me...huhu
what goes around comes around...
i keep it in my mind...
so u people..dun make bad to others..
as it well goes the same to u..:)
be good to each other..
and the good will come to u...
there is something that keep playing in my mind..
something that haunt my mind....
something that is unforgivable..
i'm a bad person..i confess..
i'm sorry for what i have done 2 u...
well..everything happen for a reason right??
i hope u understand that 1 day...
i hope u r happy now..bcoz..i'm receiving the KARMA now...huahuahhuaaa
thats a lesson for me..
well..i still feel guilty..for doing that to u..
i hope u can forgive me..so that i can live happily...hehe...

1 comment:

  1. I don't judge but you shouldn't believe in karma. you should read the full definiton of karma ;) i like your entries. just call me brenda. i did the same thing with my boyfriend,i dumped him and after realized how much i loved him and i regreted it so much. you should just tell him directly or call him how you feel and apologize for dumping him.if he doesn't take you back then just be his friend and he should go back to you unless your really don't want him or hate him. BUT this is the thing, if you truely loved him i don't think you would keep dumping him or maybe he is just your experiment test like a doll and now you are a little afraid. however if you really do love him you should tell him. well, this is the story from friend of mine. She is 21 years old and she last had a boyfriend when she was 19. Their relationship ended very badly because her boyfriend cheating and dumped her. she had tried to hold on to their relationship about a month but the things seems nothing happened but getting worse than before after her boyfriend get catch cheating to her. Now her ex-boyfriend have met someone new and they're have started seeing each other. i hope her ex-boyfriend will not do the same things to his new girlfriend. this totally makes me think to her that got dumped by her ex-boyfriend. true indeed NEVER MISBEHAVE TO OTHERS. always forgive others.

    Matthew 18: 21-22
    Matthew 6:14,15
    Ephesians 4:31
    Colossians 3:13
    James 2:13
    read it and think
    God loves us.
    that's why i don't believe in Karma
    God Bless Us. ;-)

    ~Brenda ^_^